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Field Service

Pump field service Count on NECO to provide the services necessary to keep your pump packages running smoothly, and in top notch condition. Skilled technicians make up NECO's Field Service team and offer you expert on-site installation servicing for pumping system packages and Engineered Kits.

Plus, annual preventive maintenance plans and emergency servicing calls are always available to NECO Systems, Inc. customers. Preventative maintenance

Repair Work and fabrication of fittings and piping If pumping system repair service is needed that requires fabrication and/or replacement piping and fittings. NECO's repair shop is available and fully staffed by experienced welders, technicians and fabricators.

Either way, NECO is always available to handle emergencies or general service calls to keep customers operational at all times.

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Qualified NECO field service personnel are always available to perform the following services and repairs:
  • Pump rebuilds - Replacement of bearings and seals
  • Pump/Motor Replacement – Install, re-plumb, and fully test
  • PRV's – Rebuild and adjustment of Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Control Adjustments – Readjustment of pressure, flow and temperature settings
  • Upgrades – Pumps & controls, component replacement
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance – For Boosters, Circulating Systems & Heat Transfer Systems
    (Service includes: checking voltage, current draw, pump alignment, control adjustments & gauges)
With a NECO Preventive Maintenance service contract, should any new or rebuilt parts be required following a service call and inspection, a discount on parts and labor will apply.

Laser Alignments

In skid-mounted pumping systems, proper alignment is critical to achieving a long useful service life and leak-free operation. That's why NECO now uses the very latest laser alignment technology to insure correct tolerances are achieved and maximum pump life is realized.

Misalignment will cause many problems, among them:
  • Increased forces on shaft, bearings, and couplings - causing premature wear and pump failure
  • Increased friction – creating heat, efficiency loss and extra operating expense
  • Soft foot – causing vibration and failure
Laser Pump Alignment Service

Pump Alignment

3600 RPM 1800 RPM � � 3600 RPM
Parallel alignment � � 002" .004"
Angular .004" .006"
Traditional pump alignment methods (without laser alignment) are not accurate enough to achieve these stated tolerances, regardless of the technician's skill level.

At NECO, all frame-mounted pump packages are aligned at the factory prior to shipment. However, as all base plates are flexible to some extent, they should not be relied upon to maintain their factory alignment. Shipping and installation can often cause pumps to be misaligned. Realignment may be necessary:
  • After the unit has been set level on the foundation
  • After the grout has been set and the foundation bolts tightened
  • After the pipes have been connected and insulated
Accurate laser alignment is absolutely essential and as part of NECO's Start Up service,alignment is always rechecked in the field.

* Proper mechanical operation of the equipment cannot be guaranteed unless factory alignment has been maintained in the field. Any realignment, if necessary, should be made by moving or shimming the motor. The flexible coupling compensates for temperatures and permits end movement of the shafts without them interfering with each other; it will not compensate for misalignment. Faulty alignment will result in noisy pump operation, reduced bearing life, excessive coupling wear and wasted power.

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