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Packaged Systems

Demand for custom designed and fabricated pumping packages or packaged systems, as opposed to an "off-the-shelf" system, calls for expert knowledge of flow control, as well as solid knowledge of industrial control systems. Our staff has more than 35 years of experience with degrees in Electrical & Systems Engineering, so we know how to configure solid-state controls.  You won't find this kind of "can do" design engineering experience elsewhere and it gives NECO Systems a big edge over our competitors for Packaged Systems/Pumping Packages.
  • we know systems design & engineering
  • we know pumps
  • we know flow control
  • we know variable frequency drives
  • we know electronic instrumentation/integration

The designs we ship are 100% tested electronically and easily interface with smart Building Information Management Systems (BIMS).

The following are links to some of our most popularly requested pumping system packages:

Engineered Kits

You benefit two ways when you contact NECO Systems for fast accurate quotes on engineered HVAC and Plumbing kits.

First is NECO's single source purchasing and delivery of all the needed items in your Engineered Kit. This saves you time and the hassle of having to deal with multiple vendors and/or distributors.

And, second is NECO's deep engineering experience and knowledge of system design.

   What is a kit?
NECO's Engineered kits include the pump and all of the associated accessories such as: butterfly valves, triple-duty valves, suction diffusers, flex connectors, electrical disconnects, gauges, magnetic starters and variable frequency drives (VFDs) bundled together as a packaged system and labeled according to your design specifications.

All the Engineered Kit components are packaged and shipped together so you can be confident everything in your packaged system has been sized to your required specifications, ready for assembly, including the preprogrammed and tested VFDs and controls.

NECO's Engineered Kits are provided for HVAC pumping, plumbing, process, sump, and sewage applications. Sump & Sewage applications can be provided as packaged systems requiring field assembly or as completed drop-in-ready systems including fiberglass basin, pump/s, in-basin piping, floats and controls.

NECO also has skilled field service technicians available to assist with the assembly of your Engineered Kit, if required.

Freeze Protection

NECO designs and sells self-regulating freeze protection systems for commercial and industrial
applications. Freeze Protection Systems keep non-flowing water in pipes, pumps and associated equipment from freezing. They can also be optimized for use on cooling towers, sprinkler systems plus use with both metal and plastic pipe.

NECO�s reliable custom designed heat trace systems eliminate �hot spots� which result in better temperature control and longer cable life.

A sales engineer can visit your site and help you determine the best layout and equipment to meet your needs for a Freeze Protection System, if required. NECO also provides marked up drawings showing cable layouts and power connections in order to make the most efficient heat trace arrangement.

NECO Freeze Protection Systems are focused on Pentair Thermal Management (Raychem®) products. XL-Trace is a complete self-regulating heat trace system that provides pipe freeze protection for metal and plastic pipes, above ground or buried.

These Freeze Protection Systems are best suited for applications that require longer circuit lengths, higher power output, and advanced control systems. The systems typically include heat trace cable, connection kits, power distribution panels, and sophisticated electronic controllers. Typical applications include cooling towers, parking garages, coolers, freezers. XL-Trace systems are uniquely approved for fire suppression systems, including sprinkler heads, plus pipes including supply, stand and branch piping.

The self-regulating heating cable assures power output is variable along the cabling in response to pipe temperature, so cables can be overlapped and there is no overheating or cable burnout concerns.

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With XL-Trace self-regulating heating cable, your Freeze Protection System is guaranteed to save money over alternate high maintenance, constant wattage cable systems. XL-Trace systems are warranted for a period of 1-year and extended warranties can also be arranged.

Call us today to discuss the requirements of your next Freeze Protection System.

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