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For Immediate Release:

Packaged pumping systems for HVAC and Plumbing
applications save contractors time and money

Souderton, PA - New full-color literature from NECO Equipment Company describes the company's line of custom, value-engineered pumping systems for commercial markets including: apartment buildings/lofts, schools, hospitals, hotels, churches and office buildings.

Engineered and sized to meet exacting design specifications, these skid-mounted systems incorporate only the finest brand name pumps, valves, controls and piping accessories to assure long, reliable service life under the harshest operating conditions. And because systems are factory-assembled, fully tested and electronically certified prior to shipment, they arrive at the job site ready for trouble-free start-ups saving time and money.

The brochure also covers information about the company's engineering and manufacturing plus describes the varied types of packaged pumping systems available to plumbing, HVAC and mechanical contractors. Fabricated pumping systems include: water pressure boosters, variable speed pumps, chilled and hot water circulators, condensate return units, sewage lift stations, oil-safe elevator sumps, boiler feeds, fuel oil sets, heat transfer systems and more.

NECO engineers have wide experience in solving some of industry's toughest fluid handling and heat transfer problems. And since the company maintains a library of pre-engineered system designs, a field-proven solution can often be quickly provided to meet a customer's requirements faster and more economically.

NECO Equipment Company has been manufacturing custom engineered pumping, lifting and circulating systems since 1989. For a copy of their new brochure describing products and services, call 215-721-2200. Or, E-mail: Website:


Note: For a digital copy of this release and photograph, go to:

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NECO Systems Inc. - Engineered Pumping Solutions
 458 East King Rd., Malvern, Pa 19355 Tel: 215-721-2200 Fax: 610-648-0880